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Just Do It
By: White Rain
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Genre: Paaaaaaaaain
Charaters/Pairing: Rose, Ten/Rose
Word Count: 493
Rating: PG
Notes: Spoilers for 4x01 Partners in Crime and set during 3x05 Evolution of The Daleks. Written for [profile] debacul
Summary: Rose watches the Doctor.

The first thing she saw when she finally was able to get through was a man falling to the ground, dead. From a Dalek. Rose didn't have to hear 'exterminate' to know what it looks like when a Dalek took a life. That image is seared into her brain and coated red.

Heart racing, Rose scanned the scene for the Doctor. She knew he was here. She didn't even need the scans to prove that, because if a Dalek was killing, the Doctor would be around somewhere close.

There were cries of horror as man ran to the fallen body and Rose itched to help, but she didn't have enough power. Yet. She licked her lips and stood up on her toes, blinking rapidly as she attempted to find the Doctor.

She couldn't make him out until a woman's voice called out, hoarse and horrified, "They killed him. They just shot him on the spot!"

Rose's eyes darted to her automatically, needing some sort of vintage point, and found herself in luck. The woman who cried was standing next to the Doctor.

She stared at him and her pulse was in her ears.

She couldn't hear him, but saw him mouth the word, "Daleks." He walked forward, faced edged in rage, spreading out his arms and said, as Rose's blood ran cold, "All right! so it's my turn!"

The crowd grew quiet and it took every single bit of will power that Rose had to stay still. If she moved, then the connection would break.

"Then kill me!" It felt like his voice had gotten under Rose's skin and was squeezing the life out of her. She clenched her fists and no longer attempted to hold back tears as the Doctor took another step towards the Dalek. "Kill me if it'll stop you attacking these people!"

Rose told herself: the Doctor needs me. I need to stay still. I have to be there for him.

"I will be the destroyer of our greatest enemy," the Dalek said, and it sounded giddy. Because the only thing that made a Dalek happy was killing, and killing a willing Doctor had to bring it as close to joy as it could get.

The Doctor spread out his arms again and said, much more softly, but somehow louder than before, "Then do it." Then he clenched his fist and punched his sides and said with as much force as he had hit himself with, "Just do it!"

Rose could taste her tears; warm and salty. She wished more than anything in her entire life that she could run to him and grab his hand.

"Do it!"

But all she could do is stand there and watch, helpless. She was nothing more than a ghost right now. She had never felt so completely helpless in her entire life. Not even when the walls closed between them.

"Do it!"

No longer able to stand still, the Doctor's pleas echoing loudly in her mind heart, she ran to him and fell on Torchwood's floor.
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